Advisory Board

Over the years, we’ve worked with many great clients at Bord&Stift. We asked a couple of our clients if they wanted to join our advisory board, and they did! Twice a year, we organize a meeting to gather all their advice and ideas. Do you want to know who our advisory board members are? Get to know them below.

Henry van Eck
We've know Henry since the early days of Bord&Stift. We got to know him by making a whiteboard film for Montae about management support. Henry has always been a valuable source of advice and input.
Sue Wade
We met Sue while she was working at She knows us from our whiteboard films as well as from the drawing workshops we organize. She's always creative in exploring all the different possibilities for a whiteboard film.
Belia Viejou
Belia is someone who doesn't think in problems, but in possibilities. At Kadaster she's worked in a variety of positions. That's why she's always able to look at a topic from different viewpoints.
Sanne van der Hagen
Bureau Wisselstroom
We know Sanne from a video we made for Movisie. She was involved with this project through her own company: Bureau Wisselstroom. Sanne has helped us to improve our routine by evaluating our process and content with us.
Hwie-Bing Kwee
Hwie-Bing was immediately enthusiastic about contributing to the advisory board. He has lots of knowledge about innovation and a visionary look on the future. He's always able to communicate this vision in a clear way.
Walter van den Eikhof
Walter has impressed us a lot by having ten different ideas on what we could improve at Bord&Stift, within the first five minutes of walking to the meeting. Giving solid advice is his second nature, so he's more than willing to contribute to our advisory board.