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Marne: ‘I want a world where there is room for everyone’

Role: Writer.
Working at B&S since: Autumn 2017.
Who are your favorite writers: ‘Alok Vaid-Menon, Kae Tempest and Andrea Gibson, creative people who challenge thinking.’

What do you like most about your work at Bord&Stift?

‘As a writer I visit all kinds of organizations and companies, I learn a lot. About what they do, how they work, about new projects and regulations.’

Can you give me an example?

‘We made a video for Het Groene Brein and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Het Groene Brein supports entrepreneurs towards a new, sustainable economy. I myself tend to be somewhat skeptical about measures that are taken. In my opinion, the entire financial system must be radically overhauled if we really want to tackle climate change. But I do notice that I find it inspiring to hear what is being done, other ways of dredging and building bridges, for example.’

Would you call yourself eager to learn?

‘Certainly, not only with clients, I also always find the conversations with us at the lunch table very enjoyable and educational! Many colleagues are also active in other areas. For example, Charlotte teaches us about entrepreneurship, Rosalie tells about her art projects and Violet can list the best biology facts.

Bord&Stift is a very pleasant workplace, you can really be yourself here. There is a lot of enthusiasm and confidence, even if something does not go completely smoothly. We encourage each other to ask each other for help. We really appreciate each other just for who we are. This ensures a very pleasant and safe environment. I’ve had quite a few other side jobs and only here did I think: Oh, that’s how it can be.’

What do you do besides Bord&Stift?

‘At the moment I cook a lot! It calms me. I’ve been through busy periods, I’ve always done a lot next to each other. Written for platforms such as Hard//hoofd, gave workshops, published a book of poems and short stories with five other young writers. I also worked at the weekend school. Last summer I completed the master Cultural Analysis. I recently set up my freelance practice, Het Groene Tekstbureau, which I am now working on!’

What is the common thread in your projects?

‘A need for social justice, I think. I find topics such as sexual diversity, gender, racism and fat phobia interesting. I want a world where there is a place for everyone, because there is enough room for that. My thesis was about gender discourse. For example, with trans people we often talk about people who were ‘born in the wrong body’. That is a way of thinking that originated in the nineteenth century at the hands of a number of psychiatrists, when it was really still seen as a disorder. We could also say that trans people desire a different body, or that they are born in a wrong world in which trans people are seen as an abnormality. I find it interesting to find out how things really work, put my finger on the sore spot and write or teach about it.’

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