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Violet: “It feels so valuable that you can really bring yourself in here”

Violet uitsnede

Role at Bord&Stift: Project planner.
Working here since: 2014
What is your favorite animal? ‘Bornean Stubtail. During my study Biology I did field research on Borneo. There I searched, among other things, for the nests of these little birds. They are well hidden, so it was extra exciting when I found one. In the picture above you see me with a Seychelles warbler, also a very sweet little bird that I have been researching!’

What does your role as a project planner entail?

“I make sure that the production process runs as smoothly as possible. It is always a fun challenge to organize the planning in such a way that it is pleasant for the client and for ourselves. In addition to my role as a project planner, I am also in all kinds of teams. Because we are organized horizontally, we do not have specific people who perform operational tasks, but we do them ourselves, in teams.”

So everyone can just get involved in the finances, for example?

“And with job applications, marketing, innovation, you name it. Anyone can join a team and immerse themselves in that subject. The people who stay out of it trust that it is properly arranged and set up by the team. Everything is communicated openly and transparently. This creates a lot of trust, commitment and support. If one person makes all the decisions it might be faster in the short term, but I believe that this form of organizing is more efficient in the long term. And much more fun!’

What makes that a horizontally organized company works so well for you?

“It’s as if we found a jacket that fits us nicely. Normally you are brought in for a certain position and tasks follow automatically. That is not the case at Bord&Stift. You are usually hired for a certain position, but you can then actively shape your role yourself, look for where you can contribute, what you enjoy doing and learning. There is no fixed structure to fit into, we create that structure together. ”

Isn’t that very tiring?

“It does demand something from us, yes. Actively shaping your role yourself requires self-reflection. You have to check for yourself: how do I work best? What do I need? Do I want to participate in this decision or do I let it go? I really like that myself, to see how we can organize ourselves better and better, what everyone’s role is within it, what kind of dynamics are created each time. ”

Where does your strength lie?

“If colleagues come up with wild ideas, I can think along well, make a realistic estimate of what that would look like in reality. That is also, for example, where Charlotte and I complement each other. She started the company in 2012 and soon I helped. We’ve been friends since high school, but only then realized how different we really are and how well it works.”

You studied biology, and now you work for a company that makes whiteboard animations…

‘Yes! I even wanted to do a PhD. But in the run-up to that, I noticed that something in me really didn’t want that. I still think the content of behavioral biology is great, I enjoyed my master’s degree with such pleasure. But there is such a high pressure on performance, we only look at your output and not at you as a person. That’s what I like so much about Bord&Stift that a lot of attention is paid to it.

How do you notice that?

“It’s all about attention and interest. We all want to develop, in our profession – the whiteboard film craft – but also as humans, and we are interested in each other’s stories and insights. It feels so valuable that you can really bring yourself in here. It makes me feel at home.’

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