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Live drawing

In addition to making beautiful videos and live drawings, we have a lot more to offer. This way we can help companies and organizations compose their strategy and communication. Did we study for that? No. How is it that we have now built up quite a bit of knowledge about this? This is why.

Our primary goal is: to explain difficult matters in a simple way. In order to do that, it is important that we to the heart of the matter during the first interview. The more concrete, the better. In the search for that concrete core, it sometimes turns out that customers themselves do not really have a clear picture of what their message is exactly.

They get lost in hollow corporate language, saying, for example, that they “want to implement a piece of innovation for an optimal ‘customer journey’. Then we ask: what do you mean by that? Because everyone, including the most experienced office tiger, likes to be addressed in direct normal human language.

Or customers are so eager for their employees to participate in a certain change that they want to say in the video: be enthusiastic and involved! While that is not something you can force. Then we ask: who are your employees? What is their experience? What moves them, what makes them happy, what do they worry about? Together we will look for a way to inspire your target group, so that they become enthusiastic and involved themselves.

This way of working ensures that the animations we make are clear and appealing, that the viewers feel directly addressed. And it also gives our customers a better idea of what they want and offers them ways to communicate this more directly and constructively to their target group.

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