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‘With the video we could bring people into Lizzy’s experience’


CliniClowns has been in existence for 25 years. To communicate this milestone and long-term policies with attention and pride, Bord&Stift made a video for them. Bord&Stifter Merel Jongejan spoke with Miranda, marketing and communication manager, about the process.

What is your vision on communication?

“Communication must match the goal and the target group. It’s important to think about these things carefully and choose a medium that fits.”

Why did you think a movie would fit well?

“For various reasons. ur corporate identity has many hand drawn elements, so a whiteboard video fits well with that. We also notice that our target group wants to receive information visually. I like to work with experiences, I think it involves people than just a dry text. It wasn’t just the content that was important, we also wanted to mark our 25th anniversary. As CliniClowns we can be proud of what we have achieved and where we’re going. We wanted to take a brief moment to do this. Through a whiteboard film we also had the opportunity to show a real CliniClown experience, from the beginning to the end. Normally stories are told afterwards, but with a video we could take people into the experience of a child.”

Where did you use the video?

“We showed it in October during an event for colleagues. Applause is always a good indicator. It was very nice to show the result and to reflect on 25 years of CliniClowns. It wasn’t just about the facts, we felt proud too.“

Was there anything that surprised you during the process?

“We place great value on authenticity. The video is about the experience of Lizzy, a true story. One of our colleagues recorded the voice-over. It was very nice that illustrator Theo looked closely at our clowns and drew them in a recognizable way. The reactions were very enthusiastic, colleagues recognized themselves and each other, that makes it really a video about us.”

Curious? Watch the video of the Cliniclowns here!