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Fenneke: ‘It’s about making a connection; first with yourself and then with the outside world’

Fenneke 2

Role at Bord&Stift: Voice-over.
Working here since: Autumn 2015.

What do you like most about your role at Bord&Stift?

‘I love telling stories. The texts that I record for Bord&Stift are often informative texts. I find it a challenge to find out how to make the text as vivid as possible. It is interesting to play with the sound of your voice and see how this affects the story. I often read a text a number of times first. Then I understand it better and I start to feel more and more what is meant.’

Where does the strength of Bord&Stift lie?

‘The strength of Bord&Stift is Charlotte, she is the foundation of the company, the primal mother. She sees the qualities of people and increases them, instead of saying: ‘You have to do this, because that is part of your job.’ I believe that is why the company continues to grow, because we all do what we are really good at. Charlotte has gathered a group of people who resonate with her qualities. And there is room for change; everything can be done differently, nothing is set in stone. And for personal development, because you cannot see that separately from how you function at work. I think that’s a very good vision.’

What do you do besides your work at Bord&Stift?

‘In previous years I have been in theater companies, played in a musical, had guest roles in series and made my own performance. I also had a photo series in a gallery and I have written poems. At the moment I am, besides recording, mainly busy with my own company Ademwerk. As a breathing coach I give retreats, trainings, breathing circles and private sessions. It is very beautiful work, but it can also be intense. It’s not therapy, but people do come to me with emotional blocks. A lot can come loose during such a session.’

What happens during such a breathing session?

‘Every time you are angry or sad, you hold your breath. We are not at all used to really feeling our emotions. So they are stored in your body. This will make you breathe higher and higher. When you look at a baby, you will see that the belly is constantly moving up and down, like a connected breath. You also see that in animals. What I do during a breathing session is try to get the breath back to its natural state. This releases stored emotions.’

What makes you like this so much?

‘I have a strong urge to mean something to people. I believe it’s about connecting; first with yourself and then with the outside world. And I think it is important that everything is allowed to be there, including what we label as bad things. I have experienced myself how working with your breath can help you to get rid of patterns, make you more free. And the special thing is that it is just in yourself, that you have your own healing with you. You don’t need anyone else for it.’

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