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Interested in hiring a live illustrator?

Do you want to convey a lot of information in a short time? For example at a meeting with your team or during a conference? Our live illustrators will summarize your meeting into a comprehensible and beautiful illustration.

Our live illustrators can now also be hired for online meetings.

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Live illustrator

At a meeting or during a conference
  • Will be present at the location of your choice
  • Ranging from meetings to complete overviews of a conference
  • Makes matters more comprehensible
  • Together we will discuss which
    style and format suits your event best
  • Visual summary, suitable for sharing afterwards

Digital live illustrator

Via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts etc.
  • Online
  • Creates a positive vibe during
    online meetings
  • Makes matters more comprehensible
  • The illustrator briefly presents the visual summary at the end of the meeting
  • Visual summary, suitable for sharing afterwards

Do you feel like working with us?

Our working method

1. Book an appointment

Via the button 'Book an appointment' you choose the date and time when you would like to hire a live illustrator for your event (can be both online and offline).

2. We will contact you

We will quickly check if one of our illustrators is available at that time. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if that's the case! If so, you can make the booking final. The illustrator will contact you to discuss what you want.

3. During your event

At the agreed time, our illustrator will appear at your location or in the Zoom. In case of an online meeting the illustrator will share their screen while drawing. At the end of the meeting, the illustrator presents the visual summary in a few minutes.

4. Afterwards

After the meeting, the illustrator delivers the visual summary in the pre-agreed format. This way you have a nice visual summary that can be shared afterwards!

Our live illustration talents

Betina Van Meter
Betina always makes insightful illustrations thanks to her background in Industrial Design.
Mieske Klomp
Mieske is able to capture the essence of a subject in just a few lines and uses a lot of humor when illustrating.
Theo Danes
Theo is an expert in seeing the big picture of a topic and illustrating it clearly.
Jeroen Steehouwer
As a comic illustrator, Jeroen captures topics with lots of insightful humor.
Floris van Elteren
As a mechanical engineer, illustrating technical topics is a piece of cake for Floris.
Antoine Stöhr
Educated as an interaction designer, Antoine makes sure the interaction between text and illustrations works out perfectly.

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Ruth-Anne Baas
Ruth-Anne Baas
Advisor Integrity, Risk management and Compliance
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"The communication with Bord & Stift went well. First an application via the website, then phone contact with Bord&Stift, lastly with the ilustrator. The drawings have become very nice. I am very satisfied!"
Chris Huiden
Chris Huiden
Senior Communications advisor at the municipality of Zeist
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"Bord & Stift is an enthusiastic group of people who were able to deliver a production for us in a short time (two weeks). Fast and flexible. We were able to switch quickly. And they had good ideas for turning a story into drawings."
Marlet Kuis
Marlet Kuis
External Partnership Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb
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"We had 2 videos and a live drawing session. The drawing session was also very good; with a concluding summary from B&S that perfectly summed up the essence of the day. We are very satisfied! Many thanks!"

De Correspondent, NS, Philips and other clients give us a 9.1 out of 10 rating based on 61 reviews.

Clients can give their opinion about Bord&Stift independently via the Feedbackcompany and Google.

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Frequently asked questions about live illustration

We believe we can really add value this way: to show things more clearly, give an overview during a conference of event and add some much need fun and playfulness!

Live illustrating offers us a different challenge from making films. When you’re making a film you always have time to think about things, but with live illustrating you have to react quickly and instantly transform something into an image. As an illustrator, you really have to use all your skills and give everything you have during a session of live illustrating, which is a nice challenge.

Since Corona we have gained a lot of experience with drawing live during online sessions and fortunately that works very well!

The illustrator can bring their own materials, or you can arrange this. There are various possibilities: the illustrator can make a summary on one large canvas, or make lots of separate drawings on small sheets. Depending on what you want and what suits you, we’ll try to arrange it!

During Corona, the live drawing sessions are completely online of course. The preparation will mainly consist of coordinating with you how we will approach the live drawing during the online session and in what format you want to receive the drawings afterwards.

First, use our tool to choose the date and time you would like to hire a live illustrator. We will then check whether we have an illustrator available at that time and we will get in contact with you. The live illustartor will then contact you to discuss in advance what you want, in order to appear in the session well prepared!

On the agreed day, our illustrator will appear at your location or in the Zoom. In the case of an online meeting, the illustrator shares his/her screen while drawing. At the end of the meeting, the illustrator presents the visual summary in a few minutes.

After the meeting, the illustrator will send the visual summary in the pre-agreed format. This way you have a beauitful visual overview that can be shared afterwards!

A live illustrator adds a lot of value at events which are unusual or not a weekly occurrence. So if you’re organizing a brainstorm or a day of team reflection then having a live illustrator is a great idea.

It’s also fun at conferences or events. While a speaker is speaking, the illustrator makes a drawing to summarize what’s being said. For everyone present, it’s a nice way to see the main points of the speech. An illustrator can also make an overview of the whole day, bringing together the events of the conference.

A live illustrator is a fast-drawing artist, able to capture information in images very quickly. A live illustrator is also a kind of note-taker 2.0. Instead of summarizing what’s discussed during a conference or event, we summarize it in images. This makes ideas immediately clear and accessible to everyone at a glance.

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