How long have you been around?

🎉 Since 2013! In recent years we’ve continually developed the business and ourselves and we’re still going. Since 2018, we have decided to organize our company horizontally, this means we have no managers and no bosses.

Do you play board games at the office?

Set mostly! Bananagrams, Dobble, Smooth Sprints, Halli Galli or Pictionary – anything to keep us sharp! Then we balance it with some meditation, which we do a lot of in the office.

What’s this horizontal organization you keep going on about?

All matters that aren’t directly involved in film-making, like finances, marketing, team outings, office furnishings, personal development and so on, fall under the remit of different teams. Everyone who works at Bord&Stift can choose a team or teams to be part of. Everyone’s free to set up their own team as well. Would you like […]

Who’s the boss at Bord&Stift?

No one! Or actually, everyone. We organize Bord&Stift horizontally. That means everyone is equal. We all take responsibility for and enjoy the freedoms of Bord&Stift together. Until the end of 2020 we still had an official owner of the company: Charlotte, the founder of Bord&Stift. But since January 1, 2021, we have switched to a […]

Do you only make whiteboard movies? What about other types of animation?

At the moment we choose to specialize in one thing that we’re really good at – whiteboard films. If you produce lots of different types of films, you specialise less. Plus, our mission as a company is to make the world more understandable. In our opinion whiteboard films are the perfect way to make complex […]

Why are you called Bord&Stift?

Bord & Stift means Whiteboard&Marker in Dutch. At the beginning of Bord&Stift, Charlotte asked a friend if he could come up with a few name ideas. Here’s what he came up with: Board of Solutions Come on board World Wide Whiteboard Plain White Screens Drawplain Bord&Stift Our name is the clearest explanation of what we […]

Can I choose the illustrator myself?

Usually there are 2 or 3 illustrators available at any one time, so we send you a sample of their films during the planning process. You can choose an artist based on the style that best suits your video. If you’re in a hurry or it’s very busy at the office, then choice of illustrators […]

Can I choose the voice over myself?

Hell yes! There are all kinds of options. Men, women, enthusiastic, sultry, fluent, serious, English accent, Dutch accent or any other language. You can decide yourself who best fits your video.